Subscribe to - PHP PHP Yaf (Yet Another Framework) Is Very Fast

In this new post on today John Esposito talks about an interesting PHP framework that has come to light lately – the Yet Another Framework, an oddly named PHP extension that provides some of the basics to build a framework-based application. Why care about another PHP framework? especially one that’s actually called Yet Another [...] Practicing Regular Expressions with Search and Replace

On today there’s a new tutorial that shares a few regular expression tips about doing some search and replace in your content. So how can you practice using regex if you are limited to just using them in your code? The answer is to use a utility, of which there are many, that uses [...]

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Lorna Mitchell’s Blog: POSTing JSON Data With PHP cURL

On her blog today Lorna Mitchell has a quick tip for anyone having an issue sending POSTed JSON data with the curl functionality that can be built into PHP. The trick to her method is sending things with the right header. We can’t send post fields, because we want to send JSON, not pretend to [...]

php|architect: Transactional Emails for Fun and Profit

On the php|architect site there’s a recent tutorial from Cal Evans about building a transactional email system with the help of a simple library and the SES system from Amazon. I love APIs. A well-defined API can make short work of a complex problem. It’s even more fun when you find a cool API with [...]

DevShed: Building an ORM in PHP: Domain Modeling

Continuing on from the first part of their series, DevShed has posted part two of their “Building an ORM in PHP” series. This latest tutorial focuses on domain modeling (and collection handling). In that first part, I implemented the ORM’s data access and mapping layers. And as you’ll surely recall, the entire implementation process was [...] The PHP People

On there’s a new post by Michelle Sanver about The PHP People, a.k.a the PHP community, and some of the great resources you can use to get help on a problem or just reach out and meet some other PHP-ers in your area (or at a national conference!) If you’re ever stuck on a [...]

Developer Drive: Creating a PHP User Survey: Writing to Database Tables

On Developer Drive today they’ve posted the most recent article in a tutorial series showing you how to create a user survey that stores the results to a database table. In this latest tutorial, they show how to hook the current code into a MySQL backend. In the first two parts of this series, we [...]

Packaging solution for (php-)projects – Liip

At Liip we have been relying on Debian and RedHat packages to deploy our web applications for some time now. For this we created or in some cases adapted some project/framework-specific solutions: Debian packaging (git repository) for Moodle projects Debian (git repository) and Red Hat packaging for Mahara projects Debian packaging for Symfony2 projects Debian [...]